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You want paradise

In this place everything echoed. The huge, cavernous ice tunnels left by dragons who's lived here long ago, weaving in and out of each other, were perfect in many ways for the boy to take up residence in. The echoing let him know if anyone was coming, their twisting patterns made it easy to move amoung them, to hide if need be. There was clean water bubbling from hot springs deep in the caves, and hunting not far from their entrances. And best of all, the cold was too biting for any normal human to seek out their safety. Whatever the strange magic that ran through his body was, one very useful side effect he was finding was that the cold never touched him. Any other person would freze to death here.

Because of that he hadn't heard any echos but his own. Until today.

Although he knew that, clearly, moving silently was impossible in these caves, he still did his best to follow as quietly as he could. His foot steps were soft, sliding along the ice when he could, trying to see as much about this strange person who'd invaded what he'd come to think of as his home in the months he'd spent hiding here.

He wasn't scared, not yet. Just curious.
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His blood hissed when it landed on the smooth ice below him, melting through the surface and delving deeper within it. He dragged his body along, pressing a hand against the deepest wound bleeding through his side. His blood was dark, thick, and smelled acrid, welling out over his fingers as he tried to staunch the bleeding. His wounds were deeper than others he had gotten before, he had been clumsy--the men who had chased away more violent than usual.

Of the two horns that usually rested on his brow, only one remained, ridged and curled like a ram's horn, deep gray turning darker and tinted red as it moved to the tip. The other was broken off roughly near the base, and he could feel the uneven weight on his skull. He breathed out a sigh, his exhale flaring and visible in the cool air.

A human would quickly freeze to death in an ice carved cavern. Momochi Zabuza was not human, not quite. His feet shuffled as he walked deeper into the den, only to crumple into a slump against the wall, sliding down to his knees.
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He was slow to react to the other's approach, his head drooping, chin nearly resting on his chest. When he did hear him, and see him approaching in the reflections of the ice, his immediate response was to bear his teeth and snarl like a startled dog would.

His teeth were jagged and uneven, gleaming white marred by a deep rust red. The sound tapered off, its echo dying through the hallways.

The proposition was surprising, inwardly. Outwardly, he narrowed his eyes. "What are you?" It was as much an accusation as a question.
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As much as he would hate to admit it, Zabuza was at the mercy of this stranger. There would be no way to defend himself should the frail looking being choose to set upon him. His breath sawed out over his teeth, puffs of white that disappeared into the air. If the creature intended to do him harm, he likely would have done so already. Either he was genuine, or he had much darker intentions that he could not guess.

"And you are simply offering me help?" He grunted out, "Fine."

He drew himself onto all fours, clawed fingers splayed over the icy ground, as he didn't think he could stand in his state, tipping his head for the other to guide him.
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Zabuza dragged himself along, trying not to bite into his lip as he grit his jagged teeth. For him slipping on the ice was a much more present danger, and the steaming drips of his own blood landing beneath him did little to increase his stability. At this point he was too worn to be visibly agitated, but on the inside he stewed over. He was still alive. He needed time to recover. He was being led by a stranger, deeper and deeper into a chamber of solid ice.

His head jerked when he realized the boy was asking him a question. "Faster." He snarled. "I'll manage." Or so he hoped.
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He came to a stop before the sheer drop, his eyes narrowing at the darker ice beneath. A fall that far wouldn't kill him, most likely, but it would hurt, maybe even keep him down for a few hours in the cold. He slowed, watching the other climb down. Peering over the edge, he watched him alter the wall of ice, molding it like one would clay or dough, forming footholds and outcrops.

His eyes were locked onto the movement itself that it took him a moment to realize what he was doing. It was a gesture for his sake.

He was silent for a while, staring between his face and his hand. "That's a nice trick." he grumbled. He didn't want to say how he wasn't sure he could climb in this state. Instead, he took his hand, his warm skin against the other's pale palm.