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Haku ([personal profile] yourconsort) wrote in [community profile] string_theory2015-04-14 08:19 pm

You want paradise

In this place everything echoed. The huge, cavernous ice tunnels left by dragons who's lived here long ago, weaving in and out of each other, were perfect in many ways for the boy to take up residence in. The echoing let him know if anyone was coming, their twisting patterns made it easy to move amoung them, to hide if need be. There was clean water bubbling from hot springs deep in the caves, and hunting not far from their entrances. And best of all, the cold was too biting for any normal human to seek out their safety. Whatever the strange magic that ran through his body was, one very useful side effect he was finding was that the cold never touched him. Any other person would freze to death here.

Because of that he hadn't heard any echos but his own. Until today.

Although he knew that, clearly, moving silently was impossible in these caves, he still did his best to follow as quietly as he could. His foot steps were soft, sliding along the ice when he could, trying to see as much about this strange person who'd invaded what he'd come to think of as his home in the months he'd spent hiding here.

He wasn't scared, not yet. Just curious.

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