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I've been waiting here my whole damn life

Fai knew, immediately, that things had gone wrong.

He wasn't with the others. In fact, he couldn't see anyone. Or much of anything. Snow whipped around, filling the air, restricting the wizards already limited vision. Although Fai was use to cold, he wasn't prepared for it right now. Luckily the last world's fashion had lent to layers, and a few heavy ones. He wasn't going to be comfortable, but he wouldn't be in danger, either.

Taking a few steps carefully forward, he squinted against the wind, trying to see. There was something just ahead, a shadow behind the snow, and if the snow just-

-he felt his heart drop. He knew that shape. He'd only truly seen it twice, once coming and once going.

Dropping to his knees, he wished the snow would pick back up, would take it away...but it didn't. It cleared suddenly, becoming that perfect small, crisp space only found in the snow, in the quiet after a storm.

And that was when he heard the crying.

"Fai..." Moving forward, he struggled against the snow, too many thoughts suddenly becoming a deafing din as he ran towards the tower. "FAI!"
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It wasn't a window, not really. Windows could be closed, windows were used to look in as well as out. The bars of Fai's cell were thick with ice and colder than death, and the blocked out the snow not at all.

It swirled in and around, collecting in drifts around his ankles, frozen to his hair. If he closed his eyes, he could imagine that he was outside. It was quiet, now; the thin, painful voice from below had fallen silent some time ago. Perhaps, somewhere out in the formless white beyond his bars, Yuui was sleeping. He was alone with his tears, as ever he had been since they were brought to this wretched place. But no-- someone was calling his name?

The stranger came in like the wind itself, as if the walls were no obstacle, as if all the obstacles of this place were nothing but mist. Fai's head came up like a startled deer and he stared. How could he know Fai's name? What could he want here, in the sinner's prison, with even one of the cursed twins or misfortune?

"I-I'm Fai."
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It was frightening. When had an adult ever meant them well? When had they last been touched without the intent to hurt; Fai resisted without even really meaning to. The cloak came around him and, like an afterthought, the warmth it still carried lagged behind, as if he had forgotten how to feel it. That was what nearly undid him, the warmth, the softness.

Everything in him wanted to close his eyes, to relax, to sleep. There was no part of Fai not tense and weary with that tension, and the warmth spoke to that right through his defenses.

Fai, I'm here to take you away.

"No!" It was the sensation of falling, a sudden panic; no matter what else was true, to leave this place without the most important person in any world, was unthinkable, "No, you can't. You have to take him-- save Yuui first."
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Before the man had even finishes speaking, Fai had half-turned towards the bars. Not there? Not there?! How could he be anywhere else, unless he had... unless there were...

Fai stared. This person-- this man, grown full into his height and power, as slim and bright as a sword, power like sunlight-through-ice, was Yuui? It was impossible, beyond even magic to conjure such a thing, but the longer he looked, the more it seemed true. There, his hair was just the same, that helpless fly-away that wouldn't stay tame, no matter how you tied it. The careless hands, the smile...

It was that last that convinced him. You could weave a glamour to find the right shade of blue for his eyes, the correct shape of young bones grown up, (and up and up!) but no one else had seen that smile. Their happiness had been a private thing, an oasis, walled 'round with misery.

"...Yuui?" Fai took a step on bare feet, over ice and stone, towards him, dragging the cloak along like a peacock's tail. No. Yes-- no, it had to be real! "Is this real?"
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Fai made a sound, then laughed again when he realized that that was what it was-- dry and pale, and a little hysterical, but. Well, if this wasn't the the last thing he could have expected, then it was very nearly the last.

The very first thing Yuui had done, this Yuui, was reach out to touch him. Now Fai did the same, blood-thin wrists and ice-bone fingers coming up to touch his twin, skin-to-skin again, for the first time in all of eternity. He had blood on his palms, dried to black dust, his hair was a mat of ice and tangles, he was a skeleton-child, looking out from a face of bones, and none of it mattered. Because this was real, Yuui was real, and it hurt in his chest like a bonfire-- he trusted that pain, because only true things could hurt that well.

"Yuui... Please, take us away from here," His brother was like a furnace under Fai's hands, and already the numbness was beginning to recede, "Take me with you, and let's go."
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And then, everything happened at once. Yuui's arms were around him and magic rose out of him like a thunderstorm and the tower, the window, the snow blew away-- No decision more final than the closing of a jailhouse door.

Color came back into the world in a rush of heat and noise. And it was terrifying. Fai pulled his feet away from the sudden cacophony of welcomes and held onto Yuui's neck as if doing so would save him from having to do something even worse. Like maybe talk to them.

Have you ever seen eyes this big, Yuui? It may be that Fai is a little startled.
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He looked at her with eyes that only got wider in his gaunt, skeletal little face. Valeria was a country of snow and ice, full of people who were, as far as Fai knew, as pale and cold as the world around them. They were sharp and tall and everything Yuuko was not.

Long, cat-lazy Yuuko, who looked at him out of a cloud of smoke with eyes and smiled. He had no idea what she meant by it, and tensed, gaping, as if she would bite. Yuui would know. Yuui would never mislead him.

"H...hello," he tried, glancing up at Yuui for confirmation. This person was safe? "I'm Fai."
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Small things; the way Yuui's grip tightened, the way his weight shifted, the pace of his breathing. It wasn't right-- Something was bad, here. Fai kept his eyes on Yuuko as if watching a snake.

"I will never let anyone separate us again."

His voice had grown weak, in their imprisonment, his power bent and his spirit broken, but Fai's will had never faltered. He had the strength to rival life itself, and his hands had held onto the bars of his cell until ice-burn had peeled away the skin. It would take more than magic to loosen the grip he had on his twin, now that Yuui could once again be reached.

Yes, he was afraid of Yuuko-- but no fear could defeat that which defied even the fear of death; his love, for the man who had called himself Fluorite.
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And what would she do, if he said no? Could she force them apart, could she put him back in the tower, throw Yuui back into the pit? Could she reverse time? What did she want from him? They had been born together.

The desperation in Fai's grip was an echo of Yuui's. He had been ready to die, but now hope had told him a story about a future where they could live on, together, and it seemed unjust beyond comprehension that only now would it all be truly taken away.

"What is the price?"
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Fai was not so canny- Yuuko had, in three words, thrown the world on its head. She wanted... what?

"What?" How could anyone want his-- their bad luck? The misfortune associated with their birth had toppled a dynasty and driven a nation to suicide, "Why?"
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"And, if I let you take it away..." It was almost beyond comprehension, like the idea of taking his heart right from his chest, still-beating, without leaving him dead.

But still, with magic it was possible. Perhaps she did. Perhaps she had some real use for it. Did it matter? Did he care?

"If you take away th-the curse. Then you'll give me... the ability to stay together with Yuui?" He looked up at that, at the solemn, beautiful face of his twin-now-grown, "For as long as we want to be?"

He was still so strange, the echoes of familiar. As the influence of the Tower's muffling effects had fallen away, Fai's certainty that this was his twin had only grown. Yuui's magic was powerful, but no one else could have both power and the feel of his brother's aura. It was like a warm shaft of sunlight, like the hand that fit so perfectly in his own. It was safety and sanity, hope and home rolled into one sensation that curled around him as surely as the very physical arms around him. Yuui. He was so beautiful.

"Yes. Take it away. I accept."
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It was strange, like tugging currents of water, seeking and pulling. But something had been taken, and if it had taken their curse with it, then Fai couldn't find it in him to argue.

Truly, he couldn't find it in him to do much of anything beyond stammering out a shocked gratitude to the Space-Time Witch. Perhaps it was the Witch's spell, or perhaps the loss of their mutual misfortune had taken the last of his waning energy reserves with it, but the long-delayed exhaustion finally swept in. He felt heavy, heavier than anyone had a right to be, and between the soft fur bordering Yuui's cloak and the excitement of the Day, Fai could no more keep his head up than fly.

"I'm so tired, Yuui," Fai whispered. Once you closed your eyes, and given in to the weariness, it was so hard to justify opening them again, "Please. Don't disappear."

It would be, after all, just his luck to wake up, and find that this had all been a dream.