wheet_whoo: (angst angst angst)
Fai D. Flourite ([personal profile] wheet_whoo) wrote in [community profile] string_theory2015-01-12 07:50 pm

I've been waiting here my whole damn life

Fai knew, immediately, that things had gone wrong.

He wasn't with the others. In fact, he couldn't see anyone. Or much of anything. Snow whipped around, filling the air, restricting the wizards already limited vision. Although Fai was use to cold, he wasn't prepared for it right now. Luckily the last world's fashion had lent to layers, and a few heavy ones. He wasn't going to be comfortable, but he wouldn't be in danger, either.

Taking a few steps carefully forward, he squinted against the wind, trying to see. There was something just ahead, a shadow behind the snow, and if the snow just-

-he felt his heart drop. He knew that shape. He'd only truly seen it twice, once coming and once going.

Dropping to his knees, he wished the snow would pick back up, would take it away...but it didn't. It cleared suddenly, becoming that perfect small, crisp space only found in the snow, in the quiet after a storm.

And that was when he heard the crying.

"Fai..." Moving forward, he struggled against the snow, too many thoughts suddenly becoming a deafing din as he ran towards the tower. "FAI!"

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