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Is nothing sacred, is nothing saved?

It was Halloween, and he was looking for a mermaid.

That was at least what people here seemed to think was going on. Sailors had been being dragged off docks, boats, even off the shore. Those around claimed it was a mermaid, devouring them under the waves. A detective Subaru once worked with had sent him a case file in the mail, and Subaru had been calling him to let him know that that wasn't really his area of work, when he'd paused while flipping through the pages.

There was something here.

Of course just as he noticed it, the phone on the other end had picked up, and before he realized what was going on, he had committed to being in town by the next day.

A long train ride later, most of which had been spent flipping through the file and searching for the little hints and ghosts around the edges of the facts he'd been sent, trying to find what was underneath the bare bones facts of the police report. By the time he arrived in the sea side down, his copy was marked in neat lines and straight slashes of highlighter, but he still had little idea of what we here.

Patting down his pockets for the half empty package of cigarettes, he moved through the station, peaceful in the window between morning commutes and lunch in this small town. He was suppose to meet the detective this evening, but a hotel had been arranged for him before hand and he's like to leave his small carrying bag these while he explored before being caught up entirely in the police investigation.
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A mermaid. That was the disturbance he had been called upon to eliminate--or at least a good estimate. Revenge? Perhaps. Searching for an old loved one? The thought was entertaining. It was work either way. Entertainment for the moment, maybe. It would depend on just how stubborn this particular entity was.

He had a bit of curiosity as to whether or not a mermaid could bleed. What color blood. The caloric intake for the tree. No matter. The tree could get some exercise out of the deal later.

It didn't really matter who it was that had contacted him--some shadowy assistant to a politician, the patriarch of this sleepy little town's most prominent family, ties to the Diet. There was, of course, always the promise of it being off-the-books. They were a long way removed from the days of Abe no Seimei, after all. Shadows were de rigueur for any onmyouji, especially those of his class. Payment was sufficient, and that was enough.

Easy enough to pass through the town without much suspicion--at least to his face. The local sweets were decent. His tree hungered. No one had to know that; for all the locals knew, he was just a simple veterinarian in town on vacation. He kept his appearances scarce, confined to the evening for the most part. Provincial life seemed to quiet around sunset, anyway.

But he had chosen to look around in the brightness of day. Sunglasses were a must. He had sensed another presence, one that didn't need much time spent on identification. Familiar, like the scent of sakura blossoms. Five-pointed stars... Sumeragi, indeed. It had been, what, 2, 3 years since? The entertainment had passed, and he had had him bookmarked anyway. The dates weren't that important. He just arrived.

Maybe he would be a more interesting glass to break this time.

Never had this Sumeragi been one for a flashy entrance. Too many innocents in the way. Maybe he just needed a little push. To kill two birds with one stone, to lure out whatever youma or spiritual being it was that was making such a splash. If he had emotions, he'd have laughed a little at that to himself.

And he was inside the train station. He needed to move outside, to the water. An illusion, a small one, of a pink petal dancing on a very faint wind before him would do the trick. A reminder of fatality. A reminder that, even if he wasn't in sight, even if he hadn't been anywhere to be found in ages, he was still watching. Not that the curse scars on his hands wouldn't alert him.
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no Subaru don't follow the pretty butterfly

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The bait had worked. As planned, in all honesty. It didn't matter that it was small, subtle, probably not noticeable to most. Sumeragi would notice it. Subaru certainly noticed. He knew enough about him to know what worked, what would catch his attention immediately. It came with getting to know the young Sumeragi well over the course of a year. Once he was fixed onto something, it was hard for him to let it go.

Though he did wonder now if Subaru had changed his peaceful ways towards all.

Clink. A little fresh air while he waited. Not that he'd need to wait long. The tobacco crackled faintly as he lit his cigarette. He wouldn't have to wait long at all. And then he could check his theory as to what the years have done.

Perhaps he'd hear a familiar laugh. Her laugh, maybe? A shadow of it, really. But a shadow was enough to pull at the heartstrings. He had the Sumeragi at his mercy now, but on some level, surely Subaru knew he could see what he wished to see. How bound by the past was he now? Would he want to spill blood over it?

Only one way to find out.