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Is nothing sacred, is nothing saved?

It was Halloween, and he was looking for a mermaid.

That was at least what people here seemed to think was going on. Sailors had been being dragged off docks, boats, even off the shore. Those around claimed it was a mermaid, devouring them under the waves. A detective Subaru once worked with had sent him a case file in the mail, and Subaru had been calling him to let him know that that wasn't really his area of work, when he'd paused while flipping through the pages.

There was something here.

Of course just as he noticed it, the phone on the other end had picked up, and before he realized what was going on, he had committed to being in town by the next day.

A long train ride later, most of which had been spent flipping through the file and searching for the little hints and ghosts around the edges of the facts he'd been sent, trying to find what was underneath the bare bones facts of the police report. By the time he arrived in the sea side down, his copy was marked in neat lines and straight slashes of highlighter, but he still had little idea of what we here.

Patting down his pockets for the half empty package of cigarettes, he moved through the station, peaceful in the window between morning commutes and lunch in this small town. He was suppose to meet the detective this evening, but a hotel had been arranged for him before hand and he's like to leave his small carrying bag these while he explored before being caught up entirely in the police investigation.

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