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"Hey, is it ever this fucking hot in England?"

New York City in summer was just several degrees above hell. He wasn't sure if laying around in their apartment, or wondering around in the hot streets, reeking of too many smells and too many bodies.

Max had had a lot of issues with too many bodies lately. He stopped his brain before it went too far down that line.

Looking over at the other man, he tilted his head back so he could see him with the least amount of effort possible. A busted fan someone had bought somewhere blew air across his skin, but it wasn't doing much use. All the windows were open, and nobody else was home, but the sweat was still pooling between his bare back and the couch.

He couldn't wait for fall.
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"Never," Jude replied from his corner, stretching lazily. He would draw, but that required moving and it would defeat the purpose of trying to stay cool.

"I dunno how you can stand it, I don't want to even have clothes on." Well. Less clothes than his current state of dress, which was really just jeans and boxers. "Ugh."
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"We had the ocean, at home," he said lazily. "Not that I ever really went in it, too bloody cold. An' probably dirty."

There was a pause. "Maybe we should steal a fire hydrant from some kids." There was an interesting idea. "I mean, it's a whole lotta water, they could use it too. And we've got tools an' shit."
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Obviously any mischief was for the children. That was an excellent excuse. Probably not a viable one, but hey, they could run or something if any cops came around. In any case, it was enough motivation to get Jude on his feet and searching for a wrench or something of the like.

"D'you know where the hell the toolbox wandered off to?"
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"Mmm. It's back there, yeah." The problem is, it's a bit further back than he would like it to be, so Jude's had to get down on hands and knees to try and reach it.

"It's back against the wall, can you try an' reach?"