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Maxwell ([personal profile] needs_somebody) wrote in [community profile] string_theory2014-11-12 08:00 pm

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"Hey, is it ever this fucking hot in England?"

New York City in summer was just several degrees above hell. He wasn't sure if laying around in their apartment, or wondering around in the hot streets, reeking of too many smells and too many bodies.

Max had had a lot of issues with too many bodies lately. He stopped his brain before it went too far down that line.

Looking over at the other man, he tilted his head back so he could see him with the least amount of effort possible. A busted fan someone had bought somewhere blew air across his skin, but it wasn't doing much use. All the windows were open, and nobody else was home, but the sweat was still pooling between his bare back and the couch.

He couldn't wait for fall.

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