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Yuri Katsuki ([personal profile] sexyporkbowl) wrote in [community profile] string_theory2017-01-15 07:40 pm

Go go godzilla

It was late. Really late.

Victor had gone ahead what was suppose to be only a train or so early, and now had stretched out hours as the interviews had been filled with errors and confusion. Even Yuuri's patience had been wearing thin, so he was looking forward to the trip back to the hotel with Yurio.

Hopefully they wouldn't need one of those trains that went less often at night. It didn't seem too late, but they were past rush hour, and he hadn't seen a lot of traffic heading into the subway station he could see across the way. It was nice being in a city he was at least somewhat familar with, but he was glad he was heading back to the hotel with a friend. In winter it got dark fast, and the office they were having these interviews in wasn't in the busiest part of town.

Seeing the small blond heading out of the office, he sent a text to Victor, and braced himself.

"How'd it go?"