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Yuuri/Victor Fantasy AU

Everything was so quiet here.

Not that the woods, in deep snow fall, were ever a raucous place. But Yuri didn't think he'd ever been so deep into any woods, so far from anything. At least, as far as he knew. He had just sorta picked a direction and started long ago? Weeks at least. Maybe longer. Across Japan, then over the sea and now how deeply into Russia? He knew this wasn't necessarily the safest territory, but he also couldn't imagine what anyone would want with him, traveling solo. He was pretty much planning on avoiding people, human or otherwise....forever. Ok, maybe not that long. But maybe.

He'd brought snow where it wasn't suppose to be. And while everyone had been ok, in the end...he wasn't planning on being anywhere snow wasn't suppose to be. At least not for awhile. Not until he had figured out how he had messed up so badly.

Siberia seemed a good place for someone who wanted cold and nothingness forever. At least he thought so. He, of course, was entirely unaware that some of his distant kin were reeking havok in near by villages, leaving whole towns of nothing but haunting silence in this distant land where they didn't belong.

The path he was walking was not laid by humans, and he was guessing the elk had laid it sometime, as he followed it's winding path through the woods. The snow was well over 2 feet deep, but his feet glided over the top easily, rarely leaving even the smallest dent in the crystal white crust. As the trees cleared, he sucked in a breath as they opened to a beautiful frozen lake, stretched out as far as his eyes could see.

"Oh wow..." He said softly, walking to the edge and staring out. It was a beautiful sight, and captivating. So captivating in fact, he never even noticed any of the natives behind him.

Not until it was way to late for him to escape.
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The woods were home to his kind. An icy, frigid home, but even the cold brought comfort. It was his duty as prince to serve when was needed, to represent his people, to stand alongside them. The knowledge of the rapidly spreading danger spread through the community. At first it was just whispers, rumors, silence as a way to avoid riling everyone up. But then the attacks grew more and more frequent, in bigger numbers, causing more damage. So now, the royals were needed more than ever before.

And so he waited and watched, blending himself into the trees, silent and still, not even daring to breathe. Victor had surely been there for a day. It wasn't that he minded the solitude, but this was no peaceful solitude. Fear and utter, all-encompassing dread hung over him. But the fact he heard no cries brought some comfort.

But then he saw the figure. Learning forward from his statuesque stance ever so slightly he peered closer. Certainly not one of his own. Victor peeled himself away from the tree, inching closer, careful to not tread too deeply in the snow. The outsider, young and male Victor realized upon getting closer, didnt' seem to notice him and he quickly and quietly gripped the being and clamped his hand over his mouth.

"It's best you don't move or even breathe, stranger."

Surely this was one of the ransackers.
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Vitya dropped his hand, giving Yuri the option to move a bit, but quickly moved in front of him.

"You are among the attackers, no?"
As a prince, he was given a very biased rundown of the situation at hand, and this one was very personal. Kingdom or not, the elf's terrain was being threatened.
"You are their kind, I see that. I changed my mind." He paused. "Speak. Defend yourself. Why are you here?"
He leaned down, staring at him, searching out some change in expression.

He wanted to be a good royal, live up to his family's expectations, his kind's expectations. It transcended elegance, his tall, pale waifishness, into something at once primordial and advanced. There was a certain militaristic demand of him, a proof of power. Indeed one Vitctor was not sure he possessed.
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Something in the other seemed...honest. Victor noticed that first. He quickly stepped back a bit to get a better look.

"You're not lying, are you? You don't know what's happening?"

It was certainly a change of events and he stepped closer again, this time slowly, inspired more by curiosity and even apology than bloodlust.

"Your kind, members of your kind rather, are killing my kind. How were you not told this information? Who are you?"
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Victor got a better look at him. Certainly not what he had in mind for any Yuuki Onna and he found that a rush of ease passed over him.

"Well is your name Yuuri or Not Really Anyone?" The joke was meant to indicate that he was accepting, indeed almost understanding of the situation.

"Well if you are not particularly attached to any allegiance, perhaps I can request your help. I am not asking you to kill any of your kind, although that might be necessary, but I would like to enlist you into helping defend my own kind."

What he didn't know at the time was that this would prove to be alienating from his own end as well.