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You're a cherry blossom, you're about to bloom

He was alone.

Subaru was not use to being alone. Kamui was always near, if not physically, then a flicker presences just past his fingertips. Instead, there was nothing. No matter how far he reached out, there was nothing. If Kamui was in this world, he was far, farther than Subaru's power could reach.

Which meant, that, for now, he was trapped. Kamui got them from world to world, and, at least on that level, Subaru was trapped right now. He wasn't terribly worried. They'd been separated before, and he simply needed to find a way to meet up again. The senses he's sent sprawling over the city showed him that, although Kamui wasn't here, there was magic.

And Tokyo Tower was there, thrusting against the sky. New and lit up, but he knew that wasn't a coincidence.

Closing his eyes, he let his powers reach out again. There was someone...someone close that felt strangely familiar. In other worlds he'd found versions of Kamui, of the others who could help. Maybe that was this.

Orienting himself, he started for whoever it was.