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Sherlock and Ahiga, Games spin off.

"They use to call this snowmageddon." Ahiga watched as the white flakes fell slowly, but constantly, on to the forest outside. It had been coming down since early morning, and a thick white layer already laid over everything. He knew if he went out, the whole world would be small, quiet. It was one of his favorite times, now.

But he had a feeling this storm was going to be big.

A pack of elk meandered past in the snow, looking more like big, dark ghosts than anything else. He twisted back, squinting to see Sherlock in the gloom behind him.

"Any luck yet?"
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"No," Sherlock mumbled. He hated the snow. It was cold, even inside, though god knew it wasn't as cold as outside, at least. He was huddled, his knees pulled up against his chest as he perched on the chair, blanket wrapped around his shoulders, the tips of his toes, his hands, and the top half of his head the only things visible. The rest were completely hidden by an atrocious fabric pattern with things that may have been birds embroidered into it. He didn't care. It was warm.

"They've changed the encoding system again - they've been changing more frequently this last week. Can't tell if they actually suspect something, of if they are doing extra systems checks." He reached for his coffee and sipped at it, the steam curling around his chin and up into his scruffy hair, a little longer than he usually kept it.

"And snowmageddon is possibly the most ridiculously hyperbolic term I've every heard for a blizzard."