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It had been just shy of 15 years since the monster had come to New York City.

One day it had just come from the sea. Of course there were conspiracies, that it was a US government conspiracy, that it was a Russian one, or a Japanese one, or who ever was a convenient target to point a finger at then.

But after the city was mostly flattened, the whole world took a hit, a big one. If any government had made the beast, they must be regretting it as well. The economy tanked world wide, and even now, it's still just starting to recover.

The beast couldn't be beat. It absorbed nuclear attacks, bombs made no dents in it, and no toxin seemed to work on it. And it didn't seem to worried about leaving the city, though no one new entirely why. Getting visuals, among all the burning destruction became hard, and whatever allowed it to absorb nuclear attacks sent all our equipment haywire.

With no idea how to handle the situation, the world governments decided to do the only options b they could find. They quarantined it. A massive wall was built all around the city, on the far shores and into the sea. There were great doubts that the wall would hold the beast back, but it was presented as a band-aid, a way to give them time.

Except the monster never tried to leave. And the research didn't show anything. And the guards around the wall became more laxed. And the world moved on.

A black market struck up, people who risk the tunnels and the bridges to hunt for treasures in the city. People left, and people left fast. Some are paid to search for specific objects (or at least to claim they do), some just go looking for whatever they can fine. Urban legends sprawl far and wide, that the beast settled to breed, that the town was over run with smaller monsters, that if you made a sounds or did a certain action it would find you no matter what, that if you held still it couldn't see one really knows anything. The research that has been done gets passed around again and again, but it tells little.

But there's plenty that take the risk, anyway.
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So. Who would you want to match with a guy who lost his parents, and his entire way of life to the kaijuu and has a burning desire to see it brought down no matter what (he probably joined the military when he turned 18 so he could be apart of the squads researching how to destroy it and it's offspring, and to hopefully one day put it down for good)????

Got a heart of gold, but a temper that's quick to light and the biggest of boners for revenge against the beast, that it sometimes blinds him. His dad may or may not have been apart of a team that was researching the area it came from (but of course, his dad is long fucking gone, and left no answers for him or humanity). He also may or may not sometimes show characteristics of said kaijuu when he gets lost in that blinding rage. Fuck if he or anyone else knows what causes that. (ps I can take that out I'm just trying to mix his canon+this au :') )

so yea \o\

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I'm fine with either or honestly. Both would be interesting c:

You know me and head canoning for aus I love it ahaha
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Let's do Subaru then!
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but yea jut lemme know if you want me to start if you want to or whatever /o/
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....also what is your subaru journal let me still his icons.
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i was apparently really really excited to write this so tadaaa

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Here he was, sitting in testing.

Not that he could blame them. He'd be just as wary of his comrades if they had suddenly sprouted spines, claws, and fangs and went bat shit crazy on a monster in the middle of a street for trying to attack someone in their squad. He couldn't blame them at all. What he hated was that he was being treated as the enemy. That was the worst thing of all. While Eren didn't know why or how he'd turned into one of the monsters, he'd always been in control at least indirectly. He'd never hurt another human; only the hell spawn that came after them.

And he'd tear them limb from limb to stop them from destroying the rag tag family he and he squad mates had formed.

None of them seemed to trust him now, even though he'd saved their lives. Again. He couldn't entirely blame them. He stared at his hands, no markings left from the claws he'd shed, no shimmering scale, nothing at all. He looked up from his hand to stare at the steel door holding him in this room. He wouldn't try to escape. He'd prove to the entire world he was trust worthy even if it meant letting them pick him apart limb by limb.

But. The one thing he wouldn't let them do was kill him. He had a mission. His heart pounded in his chest as he thought about it, hand clenching in his lap. He'd kill every last kaiju on this planet. And he wouldn't let anything or anyone stop him, especially the threat of death. He'd show them all that he could do it. And with this new found ability, even if it made him a monster...he'd be able to accomplish that goal.

He sat back on his hands, intense gaze focused on the door. He'd show them all, one way or another.
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No one knew much about these things, and their many facets.

Like the fact that on some level, in someway no one could quite figure out, they seemed to respond to certain practices of magic.

However, few places had quite the mix of strong, traditional beliefs and deeply studied and recorded history as in eastern countries. Subaru's own family went back centuries, and as the current head of his clan, he was here to see what help could be given. They had been running many tests, trying to figure out what worked and what didn't, but still they knew little.

So now they were trying to combine two aspects they had no clue about, and see what happened. Subaru was nervous about it, as, he was sure, was the other boy. Magic could be wily, slip away when having something unexpected thrown at it. Whenever there was the chance for someone else to get hurt by it, it always made him nervous.

"Ah, hello!" He called at the door to the others room, dipping his head in greeting.

(I want you to know this tag got paused so I could look up youtube videos of Minneasota streotypes for a new Haku AU.

I'm sorry but also not sorry.

...which is even funnier with this journal)
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Eren regarded the other with an even stare, sizing up the petite man. He raised an eye brow, curious, but not wanting to alarm him like the rest. To be honest though, he clearly wasn't like the rest, entering the room and greeting him so casually. He was either completely unafraid of the monster he was or he was unaware.

Both deserved recognition for the bravery.

"Hey," Eren responded, shifting on the examination table to sit up properly. He may have been defensive, ready for a fight, but he'd spent the last three years training to be in the military. Eren was more than aware of the respect that was supposed to give to any special guest of the military. Even if that guest was someone that looked as though he'd never lifted a weapon in his life.
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"It's nice to meet you. I'm Subaru Sumeragi."

Hands at his side, he bowed quickly, his head bobbing before he straightened and looked for a seat. The room was barren, and he hoped, dearly, that this wasn't where they'd been keeping this other boy.

He had a feeling, however, that it was. Really, with what he had heard and seen, he had a feeling that this boy hadn't been treated well at all. When he was communicating before coming here, this had seemed a very different situation he was walking into. A partnership, not one of them being treated like a prisoner.

"How much have they told you?"
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"Admittedly, they haven't told me anything beyond what I need to know," he'd been apart of the military so long that he knew all information was need to know basis, "If you're talking about yourself, they haven't told me anything about you."

They had told him this was a test. A test to see if he could truly be trusted, and that he wasn't a threat to humanity. No one knew what he was, even he didn't really. But he'd proved himself in what ever test this guy provided.

"My name is Eren Yeager," he said, polite but to the point. He still wasn't sure what to make of him.
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"I'm an Omniyouji. It's a specific type of..." He paused, trying to figure out the best way to describe what he did, in English. "We use spiritual...magic."

He knew the word magic had different connotations, more fairytale like ones, but it was as close as he could find right now.

"They are putting the two of us into the quarantine area, to see what information we can gather since both of us are unique."

He flushed, hoping he hadn't just said something unfortunate. He knew, generally, what was going on with the other boy. But only very generally.
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The state of the place does not even register to Roland. It isn't that he doesn't notice it, but that every town he's seen for the past ten years - maybe more - has been run down, mostly abandoned. The only thing different about this place, for the moment, is the quality of the buildings nearby. Tall, well built. Some of the windows even have full sheets of glass in them. This place was rich once, even compared to the everyday wonders of the New York he'd once seen, and that's what stands out to him.

The other thing that stands out to him is that he'd come here alone.

He stares around him, ignoring the part of himself that says he needs to keep moving. He'll see his friends again. Ka wouldn't have brought them to him only to take them away with so little accomplished. Surely.

There are noises around from a few different directions. Animals, maybe, or maybe people. He doesn't need to wrap his hand around the smooth, familiar handle of the gun at his hip but he does it anyway, and stands there under the sun for a long moment.
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It wasn't unheard of to see people on this side of the wall. Other scavengers, sometimes, more rarely research, and occasionally a vagrant, or some other left over that had never gotten with it enough to leave the city, but managed to luck out and never end up under the bid beast's feet.

This guy? Didn't really look like any of them.

"Hey, buddy." He called down the road. His voice carried farther that it would have once upon a time, echoing off the empty building, but right now big bessie was nowhere near.
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Roland swings around, eyes wide, hand slipping off his gun. "Eddie!" His clothes are different from those he last saw Eddie in, but there are reasons for that, aren't there? He strides toward him, and for the moment assumes the simplest one. "Where are Susannah and Jake? They didn't come through behind me."
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"Ok well that went from vaguely off to freaky as fuck real fast." Eddie, said, taking a step back and holding his hands up in what he hoped was a calming gesture.

This guy must be someone who had lost it in this city. But man, looking at his face that just didn't feel right. That wasn't the face of a man who wasn't home right now.

"I...don't know them."
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"You-" Roland'd known this man wouldn't know them. He had. He takes a breath, takes a moment to pack his disappointment and his fear away, then looks straight into those familiar eyes.

"Eddie," he says, his voice clear now of those other emotions, "You don't know me either, I'd wager, but if I arrived this close to you of all people, there must be a reason. What are you doing here? Where are you trying to go?" It's time to stop worrying about things he can not change, and start assessing the situation. With luck, getting this twinner to help him with that won't be too difficult.
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This moment was just freakin' surreal, and Eddie took a step back, assessing the situation. This old man had just done a 180, but he also looked harmless.

Except he doesn't, not really. A voice whispered in the back of his mind. But it didn't have a lot of time to sweet talk him, because before he could entirely decided how he felt about Old Yellar here, he heard the sound every one in the zone hated to hear.

The low, rhythmic vibrations started as more feeling, than sound, but Godzilla out there must be in a tizzy today, cause it was moving fast

"I am trying to go to cover, and you better do the same."

No time to get out of the zone, so Eddie started moving, looking for one of the old entrances to the subway.
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Roland knows better than to hold them up asking stupid questions. Instead he keeps pace with Eddie, one part of him trying to figure out those vibrations and the rest trying to follow the man's gaze. It's almost a relief that something's happening now, something urgent and dangerous that can occupy his thoughts instead of the fear over Susannah and Jake, over his Eddie. He does not think on this consciously or for long but he does feel himself relax, his whole bearing going easier, his expression sharper and more alert than it'd been a moment ago. "What kind of cover are we looking for? Houses won't do?"
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"Down. It's gonna be safer if we can get down. She can plow over buildings if she's pissed off enough."

Sometimes humans can seem to be below it's delicate sensibilities. Sometimes it'd root them out no matter how hard they hid. Nobody seemed to have any idea why some days it wanted to destroy every living thing it saw, and some days seemed a free pass, but given that it usually didn't coming running through the city's left overs at full speed, he didn't want it to even see them.

"Subway entrance would be best..." And like a sign from God, he caught one down the road they were passing.

But it wasn't close, and the thuds were starting to take shape, the large boom and sounds of destruction now audible with the vibrations.

"There. Come on."
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He comes on. As he does he considers the rate at which those vibrations are getting stronger, the sounds in the distance. A signpost lists to one side as they pass it, shaken further out of its foundation with the shaking of the ground. "What are her weak spots?"

This isn't the Eddie he knows, the Eddie he trusts to hold his own in combat and who'd know how to spot any enemy's vulnerable points and describe them. But he's a native of this world, and speaks of whatever it is that's coming with familiarity. Not that he's going to stop running, mind - not until there's no chance at all. But it looks like Roland may well need to know.
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"Ah, you know, she's ticklish on her right heel."

So wasting breath to be a wise ass with the safe haven almost a block and a half away is probably not smart, but hell, if he dies at least he'll die being himself.

And that's what really matters in the world.

And then the first leg crashed into their views, a huge sickly white thing, misjointed and as tall as the building it landed before.

"Ah fuck." Eddie said with a glance over his shoulder. He didn't think he could have upped his pace but suddenly, somehow, he found that extra little burs of energy.
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The look Roland sends the man beside him then is utterly reflexive, the flat and unimpressed one he's sent toward that face too often to be worth counting. But then Roland makes his first acquaintance with the beast, or with its leg, and that other path of thought is gone.

A small part in the back of Roland's mind wonders at this thing, spends an instant in awe of it. Wonders if this is another creation of the Great Old Ones run mad, or something even less natural. Something else.

But for now, the only thought the majority of Roland is concerned with is how to assess the situation, how to deal with it. He doesn't look around to get a better view of it, though. Wanting to look, wanting to see instead of run, is a common mistake and not something that is going to get the gunslinger killed today. Instead, he hears it. Hears the utter lack of another step for a long instant, hears grinding of rubble under that great foot as, presumably, the creature turns. Hears it take a breath, and thinks he may even be able to feel the force of that drawn breath ruffling his hair.

Then the other step comes, and this time Roland does look. The feet are aimed in their direction, and much more clearly so than before. "Turn!" he half-shouts, wanting to make sure he's heard. "She's looking for something! Let her pass us to find it!"
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"Let's hope to hell it's not us!" He yelled back over his shoulder. But then there was a place to duck in. One of the old places that went back and back and back.

He grabbed the man's shoulder again, jerking him to the side, and into the trashed interior of the restaurant. It had to be a sturdy building to be up, but if Godzilla here gave it some special attention, they were screwed.

"In here. Get back. All the way if you can. Look for a bathroom."
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Roland does not question it, lets Eddie lead them into the building and right into what looks like it used to be a kitchen. A moment later it becomes obvious Eddie's hopes, to hell or anywhere else, are about to be dashed.

"How long will this place-" How the building can take the creature's direct attention, Roland doesn't know yet. The back of it, if they can get there, is likely better. But this front room? How it takes her approach?

Not well.

The body beside him is more than familiar, has Eddie's look and sound and manner, and so Roland moves without thought to try and push that body against the near wall, meaning to spread his arms and bow his head and so become a shield for any debris. Without thought, of course, means that Roland is assuming Eddie will allow that, maybe even expect it. No time to think about whether or not that is going to be the case. They've only time enough to act.
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Luckily, if nothing else, Eddie has learned long ago to go with the flow. And this guy may be weird as hell, but he has phenomenal reflexes. Better than Eddie's.

So when he's pushed against the wall, he takes the shield as the building does it's best to shake down around them. And he looks towards the back, for an exit.

"All we've got now is-"

He's cut of by a shrill shriek that shakes more dust down around them, and then a huge twisting, crunch as she slams against the front, making the whole building sway.

"We're small. She's not. Out the back."
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As he runs - no hesitation, of course, because even if he did not trust Eddie's judgment here fear is helping make Roland's feet light and his body quick - a part of his mind is admiring Eddie. Even here, with a different life and (presumably) completely untrained, Eddie keeps his head now. Even now, with the noise and destruction and sheer presence of the thing very, very close. The size of it isn't anything Roland spends time or thought trying to quantify, but the creature is surely larger than anything in all but the most outlandish of all the old stories. Having it so close and rushing closer is an experience that even now is unimaginable. Indescribable.

"So fell Lord Perth," Roland finds himself muttering as he runs, and turns, and looks back. Too big, of course, to see all of it, certainly too tall to catch more than a glimpse of the head, but Roland does not look behind him without a purpose. He does not split from Eddie's path without a purpose, either, and yet now Roland is doing both.

"It's following me!" he shouts, using his very loudest, clearest voice. "Circle around! Get behind it!"
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de/dean/idc. in the right place this time.

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[ Castiel didn't like to say he was an expert on the Kaiju. No one truly was, but he is one of the few who are close to being that. There is reverence in Castiel's treatment of the monsters, the beasts, but there is no worship. Castiel knows better than to praise beings that slaughter millions. He has done enough of that in his life already, no need to change the target to a different source. No need at all. ]

[ His workplace is tidy, clean, despite the biohazard bags that litter the sides of his lab, sitting next to where he's hung his coat for the day. Castiel can't say he enjoys his life, but there is little to enjoy any longer. The world is slowly ending and Castiel would rather see it saved than destroyed. In his experience, saviors rarely find peace in life. Peace in death seems to be one of the few things that string heroes together. ]
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So this was the guy she was suppose to convince to take her into the city?

She wasn't really sure that having to protect this nerd was worth the pay back of having someone point her towards the creature. Since it wasn't exactly a subtle, sneaky thing that she could easily miss, anyway. But without having one of the scientists to escort her, her pass into the zone was null and void.

There were other ways to get in, but this one really would be the easiest.

"You Castiel?"
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Re: <3

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"I am." Castiel's voice is rough and he barely looks up form the piece of kaiju that he is currently dissecting when he's interrupted. He's aware that he is supposed to be expecting company today but that does not make him anymore welcoming. Luckily, Castiel can multitask, so he continues pulling apart the limb on his table with ruthless efficiency.
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Well, this was going well.

Checking one of his co-workers desks for any spare entrails, she hopped up, leaning forward to watch the man.

This was going to take a special angle, and like a voice from heaven it came to her. Grinning, she leaned close enough to smell the sweet stink of early decomposition wafting up.

"Have you ever gotten to see one live? Up close?"

Hope to hell this worked.

((OOC-You can use brackets bb! Whatever is easier for you!))
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"No." Castiel's voice sounds exasperated as he tips his head to another side and leans down, shoving most of his forearm inside the incision he's made of the limb, reaching about for that gland he's looking for. "The kaiju are relentless. I am best suited to stay here." He finally looks up at her then, blue eyes sharp. He knows exactly what she's trying to do and he'll have none of it-- as evidenced in how he drags the gland out of the monster with his bare hands shortly after.
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"That's disgusting."

She says it flatly. There's a small wrinkle of her nose as a strong ammonia smell wafts up, but she's not being squimished out of this.

"And it's decaying. Fast."

This wasn't working, and she leaned back against the desk of whomever she's chosen to rest her hip on, wincing as a large scale cut into the flesh of her palm. Of course someone who only got bits and pieces couldn't appreciate the big show.
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Castiel doesn't want to appreciate the big show, thank you very much. "I am fully aware of what's it's doing." And he is, as he drops the won gland into the best preservatives they have. It won't be worth much in a few days but he only needs a few hours to study it. "Is there a reason why you're here, besides attempting to distract me?"
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God I'm sorry

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Eh, trying to be persuasive clearly wasn't helping much her. Might as well get straight to the punch.

"I need a government scientist to get into the red zone. You're the one they assigned me."

Hopefully, if she phrased it that way...maybe he's just think he'd have to. Or at least feel like they were already in this together. His open and laid back nature was already throwing her off the game. This was going to be a fun one.
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Castiel doesn't even turn to look at her when he delivers his answer, his jaw working for a moment before he clenches his teeth, flicking his eyes over his workstation quickly before moving to the gland he'd retrieved. "It is a red zone for a reason. I won't be your pass to allow you free reign inside one."
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She sank back against the edge of her desk, chewing her cheek for a moment. Trying to decided how to approach this.

"Look, I'm not going to run amok. I'm not going to try to take on big bessie single handedly or anything like that. You have your work to save lives," she gestured to the steaming pile of ichor and guts before him. "And I have mine. If you're scared you can stay right by the entrance and wait. A few hours, in, I get what I need, and out. I'm not some idiot thrill seeker, this is what I do."