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None of this case was making any fucking sense.

With a grunt, De shoved one of her boot heels into the wood of the bench in front of her. She looked at the computer screen in front of her, comparing the images to the print outs on the table. And trying to find any logical explanation. At least her kind of logical.

Which, given that her kind of logical was far more lenient on the logic part than most, made it really frustrating when she was stuck on a case like this.

Hailing the waitress, she gave her a charming grin as she worked on sweet talking herself into another slice of cherry pie. And if she was lucky, it'd be a la mode, too. It would soothe some of the frustration over this bullshit case, if nothing else.

Picking up the image again, she studied the shape in the shadows with her nose wrinkling up, trying to see something new. Something she hadn't noticed before.
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Someone she hadn't noticed before emerges out of the shadows as if she grew out of the wood itself. Venus wasn't intending to be a wallflower this evening, but after a few people got a little too aggressive at the bar she chased them off and then found a corner to press herself into, as proud and self-preserving as a puffed-up cat.

She knows she shouldn't interrupt, but the girl in front of her seems to be trying so hard to get herself an extra slice of pie, and Venus overrides her instinct to leave well enough alone. She takes a seat next to the woman with the laptop and turns on the charm too, doubling the attack as if they're flanking the poor waitress.

"Oh my God, Linda!" She puts a hand to De's arm, as if she were greeting an old friend. "You look so good! Now you just have to put on all that weight you lost during chemo and you'll be good as new."

She winks with the eye the waitress can't see from this angle.
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Venus is delighted that the girl decides to not only roll with it, but throw some garnish onto this bullshit pie they're selling.

"Oh, honey, your hair looks fine, but if you need to get set up with a good weave trust me, I know the place." She gives the stranger a squeeze and then turns to the waitress. "Doesn't her hair look like it's coming in good? You wouldn't believe it, last time I saw her she looked like Mr. Goddamn Clean."

And with a schtick like this, they might end up getting a whole pie free.
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"Hey, Linda." Venus grins and leans in, a coy smile playing at the corners of her mouth as she faux-whispers "my name's not really Janis."

Duh. Venus just looks delighted to have been able to play it up, to put those rusty acting skills to good use. It's not often she gets to go unrecognized, even less so when she gets to take on a character and use it.

"I'm Venus. And if this woman even charges us, I'll pay. I'm loaded." She never quite got over being poor as a child, as a teenager, and now wanting to flaunt it a little sneaks out despite her better judgment.
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"Your whole life," she says back, a conspiratorial whisper cracking into a near-cackle.

"Cute name. That's my real name, before, you know." She makes a gesture with her hand, like a firework going off. And she helps herself to De's water, which is mostly untouched and still has the lemon in it. "Hollywood."
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"Uh, look at my face and take a few educated guesses," Venus teases, batting her eyelashes and casting bedroom eyes at what seems like the whole diner. De doesn't look like the kind of girl who watches the sorts of shows Venus is on, but there's a type that even she should recognize.
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Venus laughs, deep and throaty and less musical than she does for cameras, and rests her hand on her chin. "Oh, thank God you didn't say "porn". You just made my day."

She lunges for the pie with a fork, slicing off a small bit. She isn't planning on eating her way through much; got to watch her figure, after all. It's the price of fame.

"Reality TV. I'm a superhero."
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"More ridiculous. Honestly, the craziest shit is what doesn't make it to the cameras. You've never seen a bunch of adults act like giant-ass children until you've me executive producers." Venus is aware she can be a bit of a drama queen herself, although she tries to just claims that she's 'assertive' and 'worth it', not a diva.

"If that's your attempt to try and get my top off to see if you'd recognize my tits, you'll need to get me way drunker."
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Footsteps sounded behind her, and then someone was pulling out the chair next to her. "Mind if I join you?" He didn't wait for an answer before dropping down into the seat. "I'm not gonna say some crap like, 'Pretty girls shouldn't eat alone,' that's old hat, but..."

He leaned over a little. "Maybe, 'Stumped investigators shouldn't rack their brains over a case alone'?"

He looked like a normal guy. Brown hair, brown eyes, maybe in his early thirties, and his accent was plain middle America. But he grinned and added, "It's not a ghost, by the way. Pretty sure it's an alien."