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Venus and Edie, round 1.

Being dead wasn't all it was cracked up to be.

Hell wasn't as bad as they said.

Heaven wasn't as good.

And who the hell predicted that you could just go from one to the other like walking down to the trashy 7-11 on the corner.

Though the 7-11 has way better beer.

Edie flopped back on the worn couch, looking through her lowered lashes as those meandering around her parts. A hodge podge of mediocrity if she'd ever seen one.

Maybe this really was just hell. Maybe hell wasn't something that seemed awful at first, but just the eternity of boring weighing you down day after day for all eternity. Like some fucked up Twilight Zone episode you could never really get out of.

Shit, this was getting to heavy. Pushing herself up, she dusted off her butt, before calling out to whomever was near that she was going for a walk. She doubted they cared much, but it just felt weird not to let someone know.
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"Why're you letting me know? I'm not your mom."

The new girl isn't bored yet, but she's over the stage where every dead person needs to be looked over to see if they're someone she knows. She was excited when she met Kurt Cobain and Biggie, Marilyn Monroe and Joan of Arc. Now, brushing elbows with history has lost its sheen.

Now Venus is settling into the difficult part of finding something to do with her unlife, something she never actually planned for. She figured death would be the end of her guilt, end of her uncertainty, end of all the parts of herself she hated. It turned out that it was just the end of a promised ending.

She stretches out on the couch with a magazine that she can't seem to read. Eyes don't seem capable of making sense of language in the land of the dead. Everything's written in English but none of it actually looks like words, more like a typewriter vomited up strings of letters. At least magazines have pictures.

She doesn't even look up when the girl passes until she sees the blue skin, and that's when she looks up with surprise and something all the more inscrutable on her face.

"Edie Sawyer?"
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Venus isn't sure what to do. She's been competing with Edie for years, if not consciously than in the back of her mind. On the pedestal of Woman, Edie's face is what's carved into the marble, not because she's admirable but because she's the one Venus has had to emulate.

She sits forward on the couch.

"Sure is. Not that there's much of a team anymore. Even if Tike and Guy made it out alive, we were going to disband the group and cash in all our stock." So much good that does her in the afterlife.
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"Not really." Venus shakes her head, and her smile is far less tight, far more genuine than Edie's even as it was self-deprecating. That's one of the reasons she could never be a carbon copy of U-Go Girl; Edie has a shrewdness to her lovability, a sense of mystery and self-possession, whereas Venus' charisma comes from her earnestness and desire to be liked. Edie always knew where she was in the world; Venus always felt the need to prove she'd earned the patch of earth she stood on.

She wasted so much of her life proving it.

"You seen any of our cohorts here?"
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"I usually go by whether or not their logo would get ours in trouble for copyright infringement." She shrugs, looking over at that other superhero with a pitying expression.

"Year and a half. For what it's worth, the stock never recovered after you died." Something Venus will carry with her long beyond the grave, knowing she was never enough to pump the X-Statix' flagging numbers back up.
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"Right? Our contracts only lasted three months at a time, and half of us didn't live long enough to see our first renewal." Venus laughs, and it's a wry sound. Maybe they're lucky, the X-Statix. They embraced mortality, instead of spending their lives fearing an afterlife that was more dull than anything else.

"I like to think I lasted a while. That's why we were going to quit. Got the death-seeking bug out of our system."
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"Thanks. Is it rude to say that you weren't even cold in the ground before Spike Freeman called me up?"

She won't mention Guy. There's just something a little bit crass about telling a dead woman you fucked the bereaved.
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"Good. For what it's worth, he took out a hit on all of us and your boyfriend snapped his neck. Then we had Dead Girl go use him in purgatory like some kind of macabre sock puppet." Venus makes a gesture with her hand like a little snake.

"How's that for gossip, girl?"
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Henrietta = Princess Di's expy

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Venus snickers too, because it's true. No one ever had any love for Spike Freeman, and no one was under any illusion that he loved anything but his bank account. He probably slept with his checkbook under his pillow.

"We had Princess Henrietta join us for a while too. She was a ghost. Then she haunted some pop songs and killed people all like The Ring."
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"Seriously. It almost makes me long for some eternal damnation, you know?" Venus raises an eyebrow, then says quickly "not that I'm serious", as if placating some invisible force eavesdropping on them.

"You want to go sing lullabies to the unbaptized babies or something?"
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It's so unexpected that it makes Venus laugh. "Wow, what did the unbaptized babies ever do to you? Are you not a mothering type or something?"

She can't possibly know about the little girl left in Edie's past; the press never found it, and Guy kept Edie's secrets cloaked under the wounds he bared.
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Maybe normal people would run, would follow the herd instinct that comes from seeing people running. Ghosts, shades of people famous and anonymous, rush past them, scrambling for cover. A crowd, half of them unsure what they're running from, swarms past, leaving stragglers behind because this isn't the place for the virtuous, just the passively self-interested. No one tramples each other but no one bothers to help each other up either.

And Venus and Edie just look at each other, eyebrows raised, the same call in their chests - not of duty, but of glory, maybe. Or at least something to make them worth the attention people would pay them.

"You know, we really shouldn't have wished for excitement. We totally jinxed that."
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"How do you want to take this one?" Venus ties her long braids in a knot so they'll stay out of her face and pulls off the jacket she's wearing. Idly, she wonders what happens to the twice dead, the crowd of people crushed under the ghost of Godzilla's feet. Part of her flares up with excitement at the unknown. Part of her wants to know, and part of her fears more tedium.

Her own heartbeat starts to pound with that familiar, blessed adrenalin rush - she didn't know a shade could still feel adrenalin. She didn't even realize she still had a heartbeat.

"We got anything to drop on him? A...boat, maybe?"
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"I feel like God'll forgive us." Some part of her is endlessly entertained by the idea of punching her way through heaven, too. Or purgatory. The afterlife, painfully boring until now, and part of Venus just wants to stretch this fight out forever because it'll be a change of pace.

"Can you still teleport?" she asks Edie, energy and plasma starting to glow around her own hands and shoulders. "Let's send this lizard back to Tokyo."
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"Watch your feet!" Venus lands between Godzilla's eyes, sliding a bit on scales that seem far too rough to be as slick as they are. Her foot goes out from under her and just like that, she's on her butt in a less-than-graceful slip. Guess she's a bit rusty, too.

"Can you poke his- can you get his eye? I can't teleport something this big-"

Well, she probably could, but she won't, because she's not looking to die again so soon.