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The bar was dark, and not just in lighting.

This town had had three kidnappings this week. It was the worst week, but by far not the only one full of missing children. According to the paper, the rash of kidnapping had been going on months, with no leads, no hints, nothing. None of the children had been seen with anyone suspicious, none of them had anything in common...except they were all from this tiny little Illnois town.

De sat in the bar, nursing a beer and listening to chatter around her for hints as to what was going on. She had ignored the case at first, and might still be if she hadn't gotten nudge here by Bobby. Even now, she wasn't sure this was her kind of thing, and not an FBI kind of thing.

Still, though most of the bar was full of repetitive gossip, most of it depressing as hell, she had caught one thing.

Tall blond and handsome over there? Also new to town.