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Usagi Tsukino//Sailor Moon ([personal profile] moon_bunny) wrote in [community profile] string_theory2014-03-09 11:16 pm

Moon bunny meet luna phobe.

One minute she was fighting what looked to be a new, but thoroughly unhappy making youma.

Not that they ever made her happy. But there was suppose to be peace. She was planning her wedding. She was close to graduating high school. She didn't need to be fighting evil by moonlight right now.

And then, when she struck it, it had done...while, she wasn't sure what it had done.

But suddenly she was sitting here. In the middle of the woods. The cold woods. At night.

Picking herself up off her butt, she tried to get her bearing. And, realizing that she had none, started walking in the best direction she could find.

It looked like there was a house up ahead, if nothing else. And she could see the moon setting just over the horizon. A full moon, meaning it must be almost dawn.

She didn't even get to sleep in. This was so unfair.