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Ozma tapped the side of the shell, listening to her finger tip echo into it's heart.

It has been sitting on her throne this morning. No one had seen who had brought it, no one knew where it came from.

When she held it up, she could hear the ocean, perfectly clear. Even, if she listened carefully, seagulls crying out over the surf.

It had to be a message from Queen Aquarine. She just didn't know what the message could be. Turning it again in her hands, she shook it, wondering if the message was tucked to deeply in the curls of the shell to escape on it's own.

This might require an adventure.
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When it went down, there wasn't a lot of time to spend dithering. There was absolutely none to spend on grabbing much of anything, and very little to grab people. One of the only people at that particular party that Riddick had any desire to drag away from the capitol city was Lottie. Not his first choice for who to jump off a boat and take a long swim with, but he supposed it was better than nothing. She was tougher than she looked, anyway. Tougher than she thought she was, too.

So when the explosion rocked the boat, he grabbed her around the waist, gave her the warning of, "Time to go," and made a smooth dive off and into the lake. Well, as smooth a dive as he could manage with Lottie in tow.

In the confusion of the damage and screaming people and zooming in helicopters or whatever they were, it looked like they were overlooked. For now. A headcount would reveal them missing eventually, but hopefully by then they'd be on the other side of the lake and starting the trek across the continent. Getting to the other side of the lake was enough to worry about, to start with. Hopefully Lottie wouldn't struggle too much....
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She still wasn't settled here.

She probably would never be settled here, even if she lived here till the day she died. The air it's self weighed her down. And the feeling of people looking at her, the things they expected. She was going to drown under all of it, she was fairly certain.

At least she had made deals. For the safety of those in the Capitol. And for her sanity, being able to get up out of this hole. A big, fancy hole, yes, but just another hole in the ground. She hated coming back down here after hunting, but there wasn't really another choice.

Pushing around her food in the cafeteria, she was at least glad they could bring a little flavor into this, too. The stew today had some of the game they'd caught, and was better for it. Last night had been full of nightmares, and even knowing how much she needed this meal, she was having trouble making it go down.
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Please feel free to leave constructive criticism for any character I play, or any you have known me to play in the recent past.

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[Her stylists managed to corner her long enough to gloss her over and shove her into a pretty little blue and green dress, but the air here in the Capitol is so much thinner and cooler than she's used to that she's shivering despite the warm evening. She's sitting along on the steps of the Training Center, staring at the sky.]

I hate this place.

[There are people around. She isn't talking to any of them in particular. But she isn't worried about them overhearing her. Just a crazy girl talking to herself....]

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