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If I lied you'd know it instantly

This world was a lot rougher than many they had been to, and their introduction had cemented that in. A wild wolf pack had been their welcome committee, and Kurogane had taken the worst of it defending them.

They'd gotten everyone away, in more or less one piece, and luckily hadn't arrived far from a small inn at a cross roads. The inner keepers welcomes them in, even with Kurogane bloody and beaten, barely standing slung over Fai's shoulder. The provided warm water, salve for the wounds, and a fresh bottle of alcohol to disinfect things, but when Fai walked in with the inn keepers wife and the supplies in his arms, he found white tense faces, and Syaoran and the inn keepers minutes away from blows. He doesn't exactly ease the tension, but after finding out the issue, he certain makes sure that they won't be being asked to leave any time soon.

Walking into the room, he kneels quietly next to Kuro, lifting up the clean cloth and the alcohol.

"This will hurt." He says softly, not even trying to being any tease into it, much of anything. The information he has now bears heavily on him. Especially since, although it's so much it's also so little.

((Promt snagged from here))

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