undonevictory: (Coat)
Subaru Sumeragi ([personal profile] undonevictory) wrote in [community profile] string_theory2015-02-20 12:18 pm

Panem!Subaru and TRC!Kamui

There was suppose to be another Tribute for District 1, and this time, Subaru had been shuffled to the front of the list to take a whack at this new wave.

The mentors in District 1 were less than pleased with the process of random selection for Tributes. It was the first time they were on an even playing ground. It didn't seem fair to Subaru, the way the others dismissed these Tributes, so at least he hoped to be able to make a difference for them. Since none of the others seemed to be too concerned with doing that themselves.

This whole thing was strange, stranger than even before. On the table in the district common room sat a file about the new Tribute, but it felt rude to Subaru to know about the person before they met, when the Tribute had no way to do the same. So he had resisted, and now sat waiting, taking in the new district suite.

This all felt so wrong. Even for Panem.

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