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Katniss Everdeen ([personal profile] inciting) wrote in [community profile] string_theory2014-12-27 09:11 pm

And some days I can't even dress myself

The first treaty day she ignored. She was in no place to even realize, truly, what was going on. If someone had told her it was happening, she wasn't even sure she understood.

The second she spent curled in her room, tying knots, listening to music, pacing, making, doing anything she could to keep herself held together. It was a long day. She was glad for the moment when she finally passed out, knowing the day would be over when she woke.

This would be the third one. This one she wasn't going to run from.

It wasn't a day that actually meant anything, no by the date placed on the calender. It wasn't entirely arbitrary, the Holiday had been chosen due to it being the date the new government had been made official. It landing in that beautiful sweet spot of spring, where you could taste summer coming, was not likely a coincidence. But even if it was a day chosen with no tie to any events that hurt in that deep, bone jarring way. Something would happen. Even if nobody happened to mention an events, a lost loved one...her mind would be ripe to follow those paths themselves till they arrived somewhere they shouldn't go. Prim. Finnick. Madge. Rue. The list kept going. The unexpected ones sometimes came out of nowhere, hurting more because she had less walls built up to protect herself from them.

But she had decided that this year, she would be there.

This year she would celebrate what they had done, not mourn what was lost.

Slipping out into the soft pre-dawn light, she stood on her porch, waiting for the sun to rise.

She would enjoy this. Whether she wanted to or not.

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