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Usagi Tsukino//Sailor Moon ([personal profile] moon_bunny) wrote in [community profile] string_theory2014-07-10 09:48 pm

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Usagi yawned, stretching her arms languidly above her head. It was her day off school, and what a gorgeous day it was. Birds were singing, the sun was shining, and she was going to enjoy the day off to it's fullest.

It wasn't every day she got to be lazy. Usually lazy came with a healthy dose of guilt. Guilt free laziness, with no homework looming over her, was far, far better.

Flopping back in the green grass, she stared up at the clouds, picking out rabbits and ducks...and slowly the faces of hot guys. In fact, a sky full of hot guys. Motoki, Tuxedo Mask...

How was she ever going to choose?

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